A Fantastic Treasurehunt

Here are a couple of pictures from my recent Treasurehunting on Test Center. Read the story below the pictures.

Last week when Drachenfels was down I decided to log into Test Center to try and find the map my newbie treasure hunter had on him. I had tried several times before but there were too many monsters in the area of the treasure. It should be located right near the Chaos Shrine.

Treasurehunt with Woodmuffin


When I came to Britain Bank I was shocked to see two Knights of the Apocalypse. Dread Lord Famine and Dread Lord Pestilence on their Nightmares. Alot of people were gathered around them asking questions like "Where did you get that horse?", "Can I have your Kryss?", Did a GM give you that black bone? -That is so unfair!" etc etc.

I gathered all my courage and cleared my voice. I went straight to them and explained: "I am a scholar and after many years with the books I have finally managed to decode a Treasure map i possess. I now know where the treasure is hidden, but I am unable to get to the marked point due to the dreadful monsters in the area. I am on the look for mercenaries."

No respons from them.

"If you will work for me I will give you half of the treasure" I proposed.

"Now you are talking my language" Pestilence said turning his attention to me. I explained to them where the treasure was supposed to be hidden and we got ready for the trip. We starting running for the place, them on their Dreaded mounts and me on foot. One of them did to my amasement take the more direct path and rode right through the mountain! We came nearer and suddenly a Dread Spider jumped me.

"Stand back!" Famine shouted as they both charged the spider with blinding speed. They dispatched it but right as it died an Ogre Lord appeared! It hit me once but Famine healed me and struck it down in 3 hits from his mighty kryss!

We could then proceed the hunting and after 10 minuttes of digging and talking I finally found the chest, but alas the guarding monsters killed me before anyone could react. Famine and Pestilence killed them all and afterwards they resurrected me to proceed the gathering of the loot. Each time I picked up an item another beast appeared, and one time even an Elder Gazer! When the chest was empty (see picture 2) I asked which part of the loot they prefered... I was very afraid they would now kill me and keep it all to themself.

"We have no interest in Earthly goods" Pestilence stated. "You can keep it all. I have magically teleported the bags from the monsters to Your bank boks."

I thanked them both and asked if they wanted no payment at all.

"Spread the word of our comming", was the reply. And thats what Im doing now.

Two Flame Strikes appeared on me and I found myself in the middle of Britain.

A truly amazing adventure.



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