A treasurehunter guide

A Treasurehunter Guide

The Treasure map patch is in and after having digged and found around 17 chests I have the following information for aspiring treasurehunters.

Cartography: I have been able to decode all encountered maps with 94 Cartography so far which includes level 4. It is confirmed that you need a full 100 cartography skill to decode level 5. I was told that you also need 100 Detect hidden and 100 Lockping to open it. I believe this to be true, but dont know for certain.

Tip: The hardest thing about raising your Cartography is finding enough blank maps to raise your skill. To get around this you can do the following: A blank map costs 6 goldpieces. Make the small map (skill increase is the same for all kinds) and sell them back to the NPC for 7 gold each. They will now have spawned as blank maps and you can buy them again to make more small maps and so forth. When the NPC runs out of gold, simply GIVE him gold. Don't give more than 150 at the time though, it seems he cant have more than that and if he gets more it is "lost". Note that you can write on ALL types of maps you buy from the NPCs... not just blank ones.

Lockpicking: GM Lockpicking is a MUST. On my first chest I broke 57 lockpicks (while being GM lockpicker) before opening and on my second I broke around 150 and not succeeding in opening it. I got the advice from a GM to get detect hidden as this would make it easier, and after becomming able to detect the traps I havent broken more than 30 lockpicks on all the rest of the chests together. This is hardly a coinsidence. I also got confirmed that some of the higher level chests are bugged and actually require MORE than 100 lockpicking skill to open GMs are wrong about the game mechanics quite often though.

Tip: Buy a lockable chest or crate (people often sell them at Brit bank). Pick the lock with lockpicks and then lock the chest again with the key for it. You can also set up a macro doing this. From skill 0 - 100 takes 4-5 hours this way.

Mining: I have 73 Mining but want to increase this skill. I have found a few chests in almost first try, but I've had to look for more than 30 minuttes for alot of them.

Tip : No matter how much mining skill you have, make sure you search systematically when you dig for the treasure. Try to define an area in which you are Certain the chest is in. Then start in one corner of it and work your way systematically through.

Detect Hidden: A detect hidden skill of 50 is enough for level 4 chests if you give it a few tries. I imagine skill 70 is more than enough to detect a trap of any level in almost first try. Even though this skill may seem unnessesary I assure you it isn't. If you dont detect the trap before starting to pick the lock it can be next to impossible to pick it. Where the logic in this is I dont know, but thats the way it is.

Tip: You now have to detect "something" to increase the skill. Either go around at Brit bank and detect people hiding there, or have some friends create chars with 50 hiding and detect them. If you know someone macroing hiding you could set up a detect hidden macro next to him. The skill goes up EXTREMELY fast. Even at skill 68 i gain between 0.3 and 0.4 with each success.

Loot : I havent tried out level 5 yet, and think the maps can only be found on Balrons and Elder Wyrms. When you dig up a chest you can see what level it is on the amount of gold inside. Level 1 has 1k, level 2 has 2k etc. Best things we've found were in 2 level 4 chests, which held a Silver Hally of Vanq and a Silver Hally of Power.

Last notes and Tips...On those level 4 chests be sure you have someone with you who can res. I have died SOOO many times in the spawn of Demons, Lich Lords, Elder Gazers, Ogre Lords, Dread Spiders etc.

Finding the Chest: Death when you dig up the chest is almost certain for the digger, both because of the lag the sudden spawn creates and because of the lack of fighting skills many Cartographers have. I have found a way to prevent this however: There are alot of junk magic items in the chests and among other things, I have a hat of invisibility with 34 charges.

When I dig up the chest I put on the hat just before the spawn happens and go invisible. The monsters then target my nearby friends who have time to lure them around and the skills required to kill the monsters. I then take off the hat and put on a reflect item and engage in combat.

Another way to get around this is a minor bug in my oppinion.When you dig up the chest be sure you stand directly ON the chest... at the exact spot where you dig it up... The spawning monsters cant target you as long as you stand on the chest. I've tried this myself and it works perfectly well. Update: This has been fixed!

Looting: Make sure you only take one item out of the chest at the time, or you will suddenly find yourself surrounded by another pack of monsters. It is also a good idea to let the mages mana recharge from the initial battle before you start looting the chest.

Thats all I have now, but I will update this guide when I have found some level 5 chests.

Zargar aka Wood Muffin

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