UO Blues

Frank Sinatra sits back and remembers some of the Golden Moments of his UO time

When sell stuff fought 8 gol during a server down and after 20 minutes he died and everyone shouted "you suck" and "take screenshots WE got him"

A time when we fought azure and zaradar was nice enough to gate a newbie to deceit. The gate didnt go to deceit though but to the place where azure was waiting for us. Of course they thought it was a SUN spy/thief so they killed him :).

In the house looting times where devin and sell broke into a house and "thou will regret thy actions swine" devin got killed. He was murderer and a part of the house was in a guard zone. Another time they (oops them again) looted a house and simultaniusly opened 2 boom boxes.

When we had the BIG fight outside wrong against bt where someone had gated a guard in who killed all the bt's. Btw it still wasnt us who did it.

Or when Travis had a murderer at wrong and then he went into pathfinding - which is a bad thing especially if it makes you go into a gate to brit.

And of course when faldrin told us he had done something very stupid - like deleting his char by accident. Chub did it too but it was on purpose, but equally stupid.

And of course the countless times weve been fighting guilds after getting into their tower.

Rebecca from XTC had a little addon to this post:

A bizarre moment

Against you guys: when Sell (as Archmage SUN) pked me in Deceit when I was a newbie, and left my bolts but looted my dress... PERVERT! :P :).

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