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The SUN story

Seen through the eyes of Cloud SUN aka Kar'Mash

I've been asked quite a number of times to write my take on SUN history, so here it is, it's long, but it's worth reading, heh.

Wow, it's such a long time ago now :p.

We formed SUN when Catskills came up, before catskills some had fooled around on Atlantic, and ArchMage, NightBlade, and myself had played on Napa Valley until the first day of Catskills.

We started out as anti-pks, well not nessesarily anti-pks, a more specific description would be Notoreity-PKs, not exactly honorable, but then again, no reason showing honor to the honorless, which was around 99% of UO's players. NightBlade himself was a decent guy, as well as a lot of the other members, but we generally killed anyone whenever we could get away with it.

From the very beginning was only people from our great, beloved internet café; mekka.

Our founding SUN members consisted of: NightBlade SUN, ArchMage SUN / Sell Stuff, DEVIN SUN, Simkin DarkOne, Timon SUN, Frank Sinatra / SINATRA SUN, Timer SUN, Myself (Cloud SUN), Storm SUN / Stardler, Faldrin & Chub Toad - These were the people who were with us in the first days of Catskills, there's a lot of real-life friends who also played at the cafe, but whom I didn't include in the list (Such as Travis, Zargar, CICERO, etc.).

These are as much a member as the rest, but this list include the people who founded it.

Our other important members who joined us along the way, some of them real-life friends, some ingame-only friends, included: CICERO SUN, Cassandra Hope, Travis, Zargar, Zaradar SUN, FZuul, Finn, Phazer SUN KEG, KEG Hunter, Gandolf, BLiZZARD, MoRLoK, Rudmywonka, Shirley Stupid, Ashe - And probably a lot who I've left out due to either not knowing them (In which case they probably shouldn't be there anyway) or because it's ages ago.


Anyways, we started as Noto-freaks, all of our members had a positive notoreity for a white, and most liked it that way, mostly because of NightBlade (after we went pk, we often heard complaints when we attacked random people that they were friends with NightBlade (well too bad; everyone was a friend of NightBlade :p) and it was starting to show that most of the SUNs were growing tired of only killing reds, even though they weren't exactly rare.

When the SUN became dark

So, I believe NightBlade had a shortage of money, or he was saving up for a vacation, or whatever, but for 2 weeks he didn't play one day because he worked around 14 times an a day, leaving a few hours for sleep. While this happened, ArchMage took control, and logically enough, this was when SUN went Dread. I spoke to him one day about SUN going pk (Though a lot of SUN was still blue, including myself) and he didn't really have anything against it, after a few more days when he stopped his 24/7 working sphree, he went back to playing, and promptly earthquaked the First Bank of Britain.

We made a few allies in our time, the [DoC] - Dominions of Chaos, the [LoK] - Lords of Kaos among the ones I remember most. And luckily, for every friend we made, we made 20 enemies, it was a grand time, I, myself was having a blast pk'ing fellow Great Lords in town who was wielding their fruity Virtue Shield, Phazer and myself spent a good 2 months using the Moongate-under-door houseloot bug, but thanks to us both having Wood-and-Plaster houses we were safe from it ourselves :.

ArchMage was playing his "reroll" Sell Stuff (originally a mule, which he got to Grandmaster Mage just for the hell of it, note, this was still when being a Master Mage was extremely good) with whom he was spoiling various events and fight-nights EVing town guards, roleplayers and fight-night participants. Frank was, natually, being the manager of Mekka, the most responsible person around, and he kept our manners in check.

Me being Great Lord with the nifty title [Grand Warlord of Illumination, SUN] used towns as always, and I remember daily people whining that Simkin Darkone, our [Grand Warlord of Darkness, SUN] killed them in Deceit, they actually thought a Great Lord meant a good.guy anti-PK, even though anyone could accomplish that title by a night of macroing giving coins to beggars.

Everyting was going the way it should, and we became a force with a lot of members, probably the largest guild on the server for a time, but rumors of the upcoming REPUTATION-PATCH was stirring everyone, and all of the remaining members with high notoreity went Dread Lords just to kill while they could.

Well, after about 6 months of delay, the reputation patch came, and I went from Dread Lord Cloud SUN to The Wicked Cloud SUN (wtf), and now you suddely lost between 5%-20% when you were a PK and you died - permanently. This led to making PK chars which you never really cared about, or bothered to build, since any gimp could gank you when you were disconnected, and those were very, very frequent.

Around this time my account was hacked, along with ArchMage's, all my chars were deleted, while they killed ArchMage SUN (The char he used to pk with, who also had a 100.000 gp bounty on his head) several times, leaving him a newbie char, ready to throw away, and used to char to give access to the SUN tower, which held all our loot, naturally, the GMs didn't give a flying rat's ass about our tower being looted, even through the use of accout.hacking, since at that time they had probably all been killed 10 times or so by our guildmates, so they stood there and laughed, while millions of items were looted from our tower, through the use of a bug & account hacking.

Quit, dont quit...

With my chars deleted, I decided to quit... But my account was still active, so I made Khar'Mash, a thief who I would use to piss as many people off before I quit, of course, the first day I had him I stole some poor retard's keys and recall rune and looted his house with the help of Zaradar (45 strength can't hold a lot of loot you know).

And I was back in business, I joined up with Zaradar and some other guys (among them Seventhsis from Darktide, who was kicked an hour later when we found out who he really was) and we made a guild called S!N, The Syndicate (Or something, it only lasted a few days).

SUN was weakened then, thanks to a lot of people quitting when the reputation patch came, along with the looting and account hacking, at this time SUN's active core-members were Simkin DarkOne, Stardler, Travis, Sell Stuff & Frank Sinatra. While Storm SUN, ArchMage SUN & SINATRA SUN was the pk chars. Zargar (The guy referred to by some people as "The-guy-with-the-fork), Chub Toad, Faldrin & CICERO had formed a guild called Mob Justice, and they were kicking ass as well, while I was in a 2 man guild consisting of myself and a close friend who was also with SUN from the beginning, but who neveer played thanks to not having a computer at the time.

His char was named Gremio SUN, and he and myself were just fooling around, stealing from people, looting houses etc. :)

Then came the time when we merged all rl-friends, including our enemy guild BaGooK TriBe, who were great group fighters, and had also played on Chesapeake into Team DK, probably the most powerful guild ever to walk to surface of Catskills, while we played as Team DK, we had a great deal of trouble finding people who would declare war on us (For us to be able to kill them without facing any retribution) - And whoever did, died.

Team DK lined up in a dungeon


Team DK's largest enemy was probably xTc & Azure, who were, in my personal opinion the only enemy we had worth mentioning, we did have a lot of people who were friendly to us, since we had a principle of not recruiting non-danish people, resulting in a lot of our ex-SUN brothers who could not be let into the guild, and we hardly wanted to kill our friends, so that's how it was.

We fooled around under the [DK:] tag on Catskills until the european Drachenfels server came up, and the thought of a ping lower than 30 was simply too tempting, so almost everyone moved to Drachenfels, and made a new, more powerful clan, known as, you guessed it, Team DK!

Dupedi dupe

I still played on Catskills when Drachenfels came up, so I was a bit behind the other guys, and, making my first char on drachen, a guy named Bert with 50 mining/50 lumberjacking for money-making purposes, he soon became my main char with GM in all the PvP skills, as well as a well-known scammer, among other bad things such as stealing, noto-pk'ing etc. It didn't last for long though, there was no resistance on Drachenfels so we disbanded Team DK to have a bit of action with the BTs, and we reformed SUN, which lasted for about a week when just about everyone moved back to Catskills, or started playing EverQuest, or quit completely, or moved to America for half a year to play StarCraft, or moved to Chesapeake, etc.

And in the end I was just about the last person of the original SUNs remaining on Drachenfels, so SUN was a one-man guild for a long time, my char became the best on the server for a good 4 months, with a double statcap, and the only people I played with was Ham Fra Staden (Gremio SUN) and Kruse (Known in AC / #sun as Kruse[SUN]).

Lord Devin Imprisoned


The only remarkable thing that happened between leave Drachenfels and Starting on Siege Perilious, was the invasion of the Japaneese server, we actually formed SUN and became a force there (Well at least some did, if not most, I wasn't one of them though).

When it all came down, Siege Perilious came up, and most of SUN moved there (I still played on Drachen, since I didn't fancy starting over). And SUN became a force there, especially ArchMage, who played around 24/7 and became a master mage in days, without skillboost, word reached us of a dupe bug, and some of the members duped outrageous amounts of reagents, money, everything they'd need.

The placing of a castle after being for around 2-3 weeks on the server made it too obvious though, and soon every person who had ever been at the Mekka café, the BaGooK café, and every char who was a part of SUN on any server (even the wannabe SUN guild on Lake Superior) got permantly banned, with a few exceptions who later got their accounts back from the claws of OSI, this didn't stop the people who actually liked UO though, most of us quit, while I took over a rl friends account and some of the others did the same, but the largest part of SUN agreed with OSI that this might be a good time to quit, having wasted 3-4 years of your life.

Thus was the end of SUN in UO, and noone wore the SUN tag except for irc / icq nicks and it stayed that way, until we started playing Asheron's Call

Cloud SUN



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