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Ultima Online 1997 - The Dread Days

SUN started the day Catskills server came up, most of us played on Atlantic server before that time - some played alot and some only a bit o.O :)

The early members of SUN were something like: Nightblade and Archmage SUN (the founders), Travis, Simkin DarkOne, Cloud SUN, Storm SUN, Phazer, Devin, Faldrin, Zargar, Chub Toad, Cicero and myself - Frank Sinatra.

Pretty soon a few other important members joined us on Catskills from other servers, the most important additions in the early days: FZuul, Zaradar, Finn, Keg and Keg Hunter, BLiZZARD, Ashe, Rubmywonka (I might have forgotten quite a few here.)

We actually started as an anti-pk guild (not kidding) and stayed that way for about 8 hours after Catskills came up. Then most members became red accidentally so we realised that there were no chance in hell we could avoid being reds there.

After those first 8 hours SUN was pretty much Pking everything that walked or crawled, harassing and breaking into houses - it was a turbulent time in Ultima Online because of the many bugs in the client.

SUN had at that time a requisite of 95 magery to become a member and you also had to play a lot. It was a pretty high thing to have in the beginning.

There were a lot of guilds abusing bugs, and SUN was one of them - i think actually that every bug has been tried to one degree or another. In hindsight we have gotten a bit wiser and when looking back a lot of the stuff we did was not too smart - like taking other guilds message boards down with spam (some might remember Spam - Spam the Man.)

While bugs were sometimes used by members to build their characters, the only gameplay enhancing ways used were third party programs, mostly uoassist and uoe to a minor degree (I think 4-5 members has used it a bit)

But it does not change the fact though that SUN was an extremely powerful force in the PvP arena.

Then came Armaggeddon and the Noto patch of Ultima Online went in. This made most people make two characters, one for strict pking and one for our guild and guildwars.

Team DK by counting


Ultima Online Post Noto Patch - Team DK Days

The first night of guild wars EZ macros were used to declare war on every guild on the Catskills server. Some accepted - and in my opinion our best days of UO pvp came then.

SUN grew at that point and the inner council was created. It was a forum where the guild politics and recruiting was discussed. Nightblade and Archmage SUN who created the guild were the leaders in the beginning. Pretty soon Nightblade got enough of the millions of icq messages and all the people who thought he were responsible for everything the members did, and he eventually left.

About that point I became the GM, but my main job was primaily to keep the core members content with being there. SUN had a lot of individual players who played alot - it is kind of our trademark that every member needs to be able to take care of himself on the battlefield. But having a lot of individuals is kinda hard on a team :), but we managed - with time we have learned a bit more in every aspect. But SUN didn't want the type of player who wouldn't go into Deceit dungeon alone in UO just because there were a few enemies inside. We wanted the kind of members who come alone into Deceit just because he/she hopes there are a few to kill there.

There were a few guilds that we had really good fights against. Ironically one of the best and also probably the ones we respected the most were the BaGooK Tribe [BT]. While we had a lot of hardcore individuals, they had superior teamplay. I remember the first time they cut us down hard in Deceit. We had some hard earned lessons from them in the beginning - and since we wanted to win we learned that sometimes teamplay is the best for the individual.

Other notable guilds were the Immortal Red Army [IRA], Undead Lords [UDL], Azure, Team Goat, Xtreme Turmoil Crew [XtC], and a few others.

Many great experiences and a lot of fun came out of those times - and i think that all who were there at the time agrees that those days were the best online months ever.

I think that everyone would like me to say that we were owning the Catskills server bigtime - but in truth its impossible to own a server all the time. Undead Lords [UDL] played american hours and were very good at one point. But since SUN was on Danish time we met kind of rarely. Both guilds were a force so its hard to say.

But I honestly think that in the guildwar times no one were better than us in a fight. As for fair fights SUN has won every single PvP event we've attended.

Then came the new European server Drachenfelds

Final Days of Ultima Online - Drachenfelds, Seige Perilous, and the Duping

We moved to the new Euro server Drachenfelds and ruled so to say. No discussion what so ever about that.

We had a few gm resists and the rest master resists in the first 12 hours the server was up - we joined with the BaGooK Tribe [BT] and formed Team DK and were a major factor (probably the biggest) until Siege Perilous server came.

 Tower Fight


Siege Perilous came up and alot of old SUNs played it some but most didnt really feel like doing the Rot thing (Raise over time skills there) so it went kinda loose from there. Some of the SUN members got the news on a dupe bug and began duping. Lots of people still played but not with the heart it used to be.

The dupers eventually got caught, and every SUN related member got banned.

For some it was a major disaster, but I think that for the most part people just couldn't make themselves stop playing - even though there really was no goal left in the game

Frank Sinatra -=SUN 4 LIFE=-

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