UO by Travis

It was september 1997, we had all been waiting for a while, when the game finally came.

I had been playing the beta a bit and knew this game would change the way we were playing games at that time. Quake and Diablo simply couldn't measure and little did any of us know about the impact the game would have on us.

Installing: Ultima Online

Wait.. wait.. wait.. play some quake.. wait.. wait.. DONE!

William (Frank Sinatra) had bought about 10-13 accounts for the Netcafe, which (needless to say) got claimed rather fast. "Creating character" – "Entering Britannia" - ......... "Connection Lost"

Fast forward 2 days

I had been playing a char, which I called Stalker on a random server. When the servers somewhat started to be stable, we finally picked Atlantic to play on. I quickly made a char which I named Walker (without any knowledge of The Texas version).

The game was packed with clueless newbies and just about 98% of the people didn’t know what the fuck they were doing, where they were going and what they could/should do.

I started to run outside of town to find some crap to kill and when I got near X-roads -y0ink- -ZAP- Lightning right up my ass. At that time lightning did the same amount of damage as you had magery and my 60 str vs. his 60+ magery = me going: OoooOooO. Paralyzed, "You cannot move" and back then this spell would last 5min, regardless if you took damage or not and I was PKed WTF? You can do that? And WTF overpowered fuck spells! Where can I get em?! Hence I started to train magery quickly and about a week went where I slowly trained up.

And then it started

I was running to Despise like everyone else did.. to go loot whoever died from the dragons or die themselves. When I saw a red name "Lord Mojo" running under some trees after the first path towards Chaos Shrine and I quickly ran under the closest tree (the same as the one he ran under). We both knew the first person who ran out would get a spell up their ass and a free trip to the resser. At this time there wasn't any "All names" or "Trans circle" or "Target on text" etc. so an hour went and we started talking.

While we talked a random dude came running by and -ZAP- dead and close enough for us to loot (I got the regs). Mojo asked me why I didn't start to PK and I told him I didn't know how to get from Dread Lord back to Dark Lord so I could go to town without getting guard-wacked. "Just snoop someone and you go back to Dark Lord". Being Dread at that time, I let him snoop me and he went back to Dark Lord.

Then and there I went for it and -ZAP- first kill! random blue dead!

What’s this feeling?

I was rubbing my hands together and smiling after killing this dude, and strangely it did give me a little adrenaline kick. MORE!

Mojo asked me to join them and from there I learned all the trick of the trade. Recall, Mark, Gate, Magic Reflection, Runes, Firefield in the entrance to a dungeon and blocking it, you name it.. At this time, we were about a total of 20 PK's on the server and about 2k random newbies. Oh happy days.

Travis out PK'ing

Travis out PK'ing, must have been 1998 or so


About 2 days later William came over to me, which wasn't a new thing since people often looked over my shoulder when I was PKing.. but he didn't look happy.. "I hear you're killing people?" "Uhh yups!"

"I'm telling you right now, you're not allowed to kill anyone from here! And if you do, you have to give them their loot back and 500gold!" .... "eh ok. Whatever...."

I'm a PK

Some time went and I started hooking up with the few other PK's. Hawthorne, Nivek, Stonemann, GIMMERMAN, Jazz, repent, Sairen Dragon and a few more known as The Regulators. It was at this time other people at the Netcafe started to feel the urge to PK (yup, the same guys who had been calling me "a fucking bastard PK" not long ago). Cicero and Zargar quickly joined the rank of PK's and teamed up with The Regulators too.

Time went on and a normal day would be, standing outside Despise, hiding behind the rockwall and Earthquaking everyone who came inside the screen, then loot. Was also around this time, we found out that Hiding and "SpaceTalking" was rather fun. SpaceTalking: put a lot of spaces in front of what you'll say, and it will move your text on the screen.

A moment worth mentioning, was when I was standing doing my normal stuff, and a dude named AshenSugar came running past me, I gave him a paralyze and at the same moment Archmage came in with our McDonalds food.. So I looked at the screen, then at the BigMac, then at the screen and.. finally picked the BigMac.... about 7min later, a dude from the other room come walking in looking all strange: "Wow I almost got PK'ed at Despise!"... and we had a fun moment when he saw my screen (Guess I saved 500gold eh Sinatra?).

After long time, a few new servers got added to the server list and a bunch from the cafe moved to Catskills right away.

I made a char there also, but the amount of loot I had on Atlantic, told me to stay there.

A guild called SUN

Not much time went before it came: Let’s make a guild!

And then the talk started.. what to call it. Nightblade, Cloud and Archmage was sitting next to me babbling with random crap names. I recall one of their suggestions was "Killers of Evil" (I'm not kidding here).. in retrospect I think it’s good that we didn't let Nightblade get his way. I think it all came down to a guy called Sundance who suggested we should name it Sundance. After he got told to fuck off the name SUN started to bounce around and why not? What should it stand for? SUPERIOR UNBEATABLE NOTORIETYHUNTERS or some shit.. who cares.. make chars!

And we all made a SUN char. I made Snowman SUN (the first SUN char! Wewt), Archmage and Nightblade quickly followed up. But this being a blue guild starting over and the lack of loot/funds quickly made it quite boring and I was quickly back on Atlantic PK'ing.

The guys quickly got more people from the Cafe added to the guild. Arch and Night did a good job on building the guild from nothing to a lot. People like Devin, Cloud and Simkin started to become a common sight at the cafe and pure SUN members, just like Zargar, Faldrin, Cicero and Frank Sinatra (who stopped calling himself Abaddon).

Time went on and Atlantic got rather lonely. The others kept asking me to come play there again. "Ok fuck it, I'll start... assholes.." a strange thing had happened the day before, I was playing Diablo with some friends just to toy around.

We had done this one time before, and the way we picked names was: Turn on the TV and you get the first name said. Back then I had swapped over to Stephen Kings "Sleepwalker" when they said "Welcome to Travis" (the city).. This time I swapped over and it was Lethal weapons playing, right when they said the bad guys name "Travis"... Two out of two.. Hence I deleted Snowman SUN and made my char: Travis.


Macro macro macro (I would like to thank the people who made EZ-Macro).. My char started to look like something and oddly Arch and Sinatra started to bitch about their regs starting to vanish at the same time.. call it an investment!

Travis sleeping

Travis was always good at setting up his macro before sleeping


Sut Rulle!

It started to bug me when everyone had their fucking text on macro "The light will heal you" when casting a heal spell.. "I smite thee" when casting a lightning etc. So I added "Sut Rulle" (slang for suck dick) to all my spells. After some time, a lot of people ran around yelling "Sut Rulle" and it’s still around today.

I didn't take that long to build up my fortune again, considering most people on the server took their sweet time when it came to looting. From there most time went with PKing with Archmage as his "motherfucking blue healing asshole". Until I was ready with my own red char. Steal from miners, go unlock Sinatra's house after he locked himself out for the 6th time, loot random people after EV'ing them etc.

East Britain Rangers

After a while we found a new resource of fun. East Britain Rangers! Oh joy. OlmAdo always had nice loot and even back then Schlachter sucked. There was a lot of them online and it was often fun to stand outside their tower and just wait for "EBR spawn".


Cats had quite a few skilled PvPers, but every time there was a team PvP tourney, it was always the same winners (at least the ones I entered), the team of Archmage SUN, Sinatra SUN and Travis (the 4-man also had FZuul in it).

Bagook Tribe

We started to have run ins with BaGook Tribe (another Danish Netcafe guild). We had great battles with them, and they always hid their loot under their stairs when delooting when PK'ing. So when people yelled "BT IN DECEIT" I insta-recalled to their base and looted like a fucker. Went back to my place – delooted and went to join the others. One day, someone ported a guard in next to all the BT guys at Wrong, and to this day they still think we did it.. we didn't. but we did get their loot – Thanks unknown person.

One day Archmage and I went to the BT cafe to check it out. The guy behind the counter was like "Oh you play UO on Cats too? Just say if you need help.. we own the server!" (ya right)... Most of them came over to look over our shoulders when logging in, and needless to say, their eyes became big and their jaws dropped when they saw Archmage II and Travis log in. Next few hours was battle tales and "we owned you at this and that time". And we ended up raping the roleplay Orcs while there.

Some days later the BT guys came into the Mekka cafe and lined up and at the same time said loud. "We're BT!" I nearly ate my smoke while laughing hard. "What? No banner?". From there we all started to play more and more as a group.

Some time went and I started playing a bit on Chesapeake with Fzuul, Zaradar, Nox and some others under the tag of DeathJesters when Cats was boring.

And finally when Drachenfelds (the euro server came) we all moved there under one name:
TeamDK. I'm not going to say much about Drachenfelds, since there’s not much today. We owned that server hard. Looted a few houses etc.

Slowly I started to play more and more at the BT cafe, and after trying EQ for a while (as Travis and Splixxen) I went back to UO again. TeamDK wasn't much around anymore, so we started to play a bit on Chesapeake again. We quickly had our chars build up. And it seemed our rep as TeamDK was also known on Chesapeake.

Team DK logo


Keepers of Chaos (KoC)

When I was making cash one day in Deceit, some dude came running in and yelled "SUT RULLE" to me and I was like "lol wtf".. the guy was Zak from KoC (Keepers of Chaos). Didn't take long for me to join KoC while Niller, Toft and Bullseye joined -Z- (The Dark Arcane). Not long time after I got all three into KoC. At the same time I became a Seer (guy in green robe) for Origin, thanks to Aries. The job was mainly to help with events, but I was more using it to look at the bug boards :).


Siege P server came and we all went to try it. It didn't take long for us to start duping (everything was costing a fuckload), but some people couldn't hide the extra loot in a smart way, and started to move stacks with 60k regs around, placing towers etc. So obvious alarms was going off.

"Vendor buy the BANk from the Guards!" It didn't take long for OSI to notice it and ban a FUCKLOAD of people (650?). If your char was named SUN or so, you got banned. A wannabe guild on (think it was) Great Lakes got banned too from calling themselves SUN and using our names such as Archmage SUN, Sinatra SUN, Travis SUN, Devin SUN etc etc. BANNED!

Webcomic about SUN

Webcomic PvP Inline featuring SUN


I had been duping on Chesa meanwhile, and given Ezekiel quite a bit, so he quickly let me macro a new char.. But wait, not long after there had been so many complains about KoC that we got asked to disband the guild or we'd get banned (or some shit)..

Not long after.. SLAM banned. One week later I got an email from OSI, that they found out I was both SUN and KoC and they'd advice me not to play Ultima Online again.. and at the same time asked me to tell them how the dupe worked (ya right retards), Instead I mailed them back telling that the only account I had left to dupe on was the my Seer account (which quickly got banned) and I got a nice email with words as "play again" "lawsuit" etc.

Next game

Some SUN's (and KoC also) moved to AC/Darktide, I took a break and started playing again when Dark Age of Camelot came out.

Travis SUN


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