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SUN on Archmage SUN

By Frank Sinatra

Sell Stuff is best known for his pk Archmage SUN. I think he is in the category as one of the most hated players on Catskills, but not many tells it to his face. As a player he is ruthless in all aspects, and it is no wonder that some consider him an idiot. But if you meet any friend he has he would say he is a good and loyal friend. Almost all he ever earns goes to new houses/towers for his friends. He has a interesting relationship to Guardians of the Light [GoL]. Some time ago he got killed by Jasos (GoL Gm), and I think it has been the worst ever done to him (including a hacking incident). (uhhh... the rest is...missing?! - Khael).

By Zargar

Sell Stuff, (Archmage SUN before being hacked) is a weird guy :) Ones UO character often reflect how you are in real life, but I find this not to be true in Sells case. The only people he really care about in UO are the people he know irl. Others might be his friends too, but only as long as contact is kept. Alot of people in UO hate him, and I cant say that I blame them. He has looted almost everyone on the server, and has killed most of them too (hehe). He is the guy the term "power player" was made over. He does not roleplay and never ever will. Actually he recently said to the others "Ok, throw Zargar out of the guild! I saw him make a cook!" That is the degree to which he likes roleplaying :) Anyways, he is great to his friends, and would lend or give me whatever I needed at any time. Some GoL members might find this hard to believe, but it is a fact :)

SUN on Cicero

By Zargar

Cicero is one of the people I have played the most with of all. We were the two who stayed on the Atlantic server when everyone else move to Cats, and we refused to follow until the day our houses got looted for 100.000nd time. Cicero is almost always in a good mood. He is always ready with a joke and has a very sarcastic sence of humor (like myself). Noone enjoys teasing newbies as much as he does, but never in a harmful manner (never killing or stealing from them). More like giving them really weird information, which noone in his right mind can understand. Being one of the old Regulators from Atlantic he has the skills of a good pk even though he doesnt play as much as he used to. I enjoy his company also outside of UO and even though we often pick on each other, theres never anything to it. If you can figure out when he is joking and when he is not, then he is a very honest guy who plays for the fun of gaming.

SUN on Faldrin

By Zargar

Faldrin's UO character is pretty strange. It always seems to me that he as no mana, but his intelligence and strength is VERY high, leaving his dex on around 30. I always find that he runs around using some maceweapon (striking once every 6 seconds!) and that he is always short of mana. I will leave this mystery to the X-files. Another strange thing about him is that he is NEVER able to hear what you tell him... Im not sure if he plays with his headphones turned up very loud, or if his ears are seriously out of order. If you tell him "attack John Doe" he will promptly go "what??". The responce will be "attack the guy with red cape!!!" and he will go "what??". Responce: "attack John Doe in red cape damnit" and he will say "I really cant hear what you are saying, so I'll just attack the guy you are already fighting...", -and all is good then :) Faldrin is always in a good mood, and the only time he ever seems agressive is when he is really bored (or when grey people are around, but thats standard for SUN). He is nice to have around, because he will always help you out if you need it. Not like help in a fight, because all SUN will do that wink, but with gating monsters or hook your new character up with whatever is needed.

By Frank Sinatra

In the old days Faldrin made the Mob justice which consisted of him, Chub Toad, me and Mazrim Taim. They played mostly in the days and I in the nights, so I changed to SUN shortly after it was made, because they played in my hours. Faldrin began playing more and is a good player. His char is of the maxed out kind and we're glad he got into the fold. He is allways in a good mood - and knowing him from the cafe I'd like to know what disasters he has made in real life. One day we logged on he looked up and said "ooops". I asked what was wrong and with a smile he said "I think I just deleted my char by mistake". Most people would be devastated but Faldrin just said what the hell Ill just make a new - I always wanted to try the mace. Now his char is up to speed with good stats, gm mage and all the usual so we are now waiting for him to do something weird. Actually Faldrin has put a name to something in UO. If you macro or hear of somebody who has made a Faldrin macro - yes it is him. He is the master of failed macros. If he doesnt get lost con after 10 mins the chances are 90% that he will be a ghost next time he log on, it is a mystery to us all how he managed to get to gm mage but the truth is out there....

SUN on Frank Sinatra

By Travis

Frank is a person, who, if offended by someone, needs to defend his honor, mostly by having a one on one against the person, who was trying to trash him. He is one of the best PvP players on Catskills, and when 3 on 3 (Frank, Archmage SUN, Travis) havent lost a fight yet. He is really good at getting his key locked in his house, so I (Travis) have to get "the BIG keyring" and open for him....(only happened 5-6 times) He is one of the most helpfull and friendly players on Catskills. He often runs around in Deceit dungeon with 6 EB regs to look for greys to get plate, regs and bow...(god knows why?) He is a born leader, since he is always trying to keep everyone satisfied (if you need something he will give it to you... eventhough we never do =)). he is the "Boss" at the Netcafe where most of SUN plays, but is still one in the "gang". In all and above, Frank is a really cool guy.

By Zargar

Frank is my boss. I do not dare say an offensive word against him, because then I'll get fired! Besides from being my boss he is also my friend, and noone are afraid of telling their oppinion on any matter to his face, as this is what he would do to you, and he can (most of the time) handle it. He has his own code of honor, which he sticks tight to, and this is probably what makes him the most diplomatic guy in our guild. A few points in this code: 1 on 1 fights! He will fight to the death in an agreed 1 on 1 and he will get very angry at people interfering, no matter who they try to help. He doesnt lie. Frank will not purposely lie to anyone. He treats the people who deserves it with respect and care less about the rest. He is a rational guy but not to the point where it excludes romantic traits :)

SUN on Travis

By Frank Sinatra

Travis started playing on Atlantic server as soon as uo was released. On Atlantic he started out as a pk, and has been there for quite a while. He was persuaded to join our ranks, and we then saw our regeant holdings drop fast :) He puts a great pride in his chars, and really hates to die (I actually only think hes died like 3 times for 4 months now). Travis is a man of 1000 chars. All his chars are optimal in their profession. they range from gm Thief/ Alchemist/ Mage/ Tinker/ Archer/ Swordsman/ Warrior -actually I think Travis has a Gm in all the skills in uo. To avoid being sorry if his char got deleted he simply made 4 gm mages just to have someone to fall back to. He is not a smooth talker (except when talking to a lady) and when someone gets grey or in general annoy him, he shows his pk tendencies as a ruthless killer. He must be one of the players with the most loot on Cats. He is a fast looter and if you ever came to his houses you would see loot worth several kingdoms. As a pvp player he is in the best group of what catskills has to offer, and he plays and average of 10 hours a day and that shows. He sometimes has a temper, like certain others, and likes to resign once in a while (esp. when we tell him that all our regs has disappeared), but it only lasts until I say im sorry and that he is the best and then its all right again :) But all in all he is a good friend and a very good player.

SUN on Zargar

By Frank Sinatra

Zargar is one the players who have played the longest in our group. When he started on Atlantic he made a blacksmith and was the first to get a really high str. He also has a lot of friends, and i can understand why. He is the archetype of the nice guy, who plays a game for the fun of it. He quickly gets friends, is a very good one and helps his friends a lot. If you are not a friend of his its not hard to find his pk traits from the Atlantic days :) On catskills his char is a fencer, and he is our main bastion of townfighting. When he draws a fencing weapon people tend to laugh at him but then they realise he uses kickass fencing weapons with deadly poison and then they go OooOOoOOO. Its impossible to mention Zargar without mentioning his chatting. He is the romantic type and ive stopped counting the times he has chatted with someone and we were not allowed to watch his screen, but he is a very good player and friend, and SUN would not be the same without him.


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