UO Extreme 27.5

Ciceros experience with UOExtreme 27.5

I hate to bring this up again, but i have to tell you all about this experience i had last night.... I was roaming Deceit, when all of a sudden, some guy called C.H.Eater came running in.. He started yelling /TEGRAT LLIK and people dropped dead. The strange thing is that he was only wielding a carrot, but apparently he was using some third programme. So we all called a GM, that suprisingly enough showed up very fast.... but.... the next thing i saw was that C.H.Eater pointed the carrot at him. The GM froze and then C.H swallowed him hole. He just had time to call for backup, but they all got killed by C.H....

Then after that he teleported himself and the rest of us to the town, where he first killed all the guards, then the rest of the people there... NPC's, cats, dogs....the lot....

Then he robbed the bank of everything, and moved it all to his 40 screens times 40 screens big castle that he placed in the middle of Britannia.He moved us all to the harbor where he split the waters in two and started walking... The last thing we heard him say was: "UOExtreme 27.9 RUUUULLLLLZZZZZZ!!!!"

So..... does ANY of you know where we can get that program??????????


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