Whacking time

The time you whacked me

Here's Chub Toads own description of his first meeting with Cassandra Hope from XTC. It is written as a post to her.


Hi ya Cassandra Hope

I'm glad your not offended by the DK talk.

Actually the first time we met. Do you remember? I remember it quite well. It was in the old MJ days where XTC had just declared war on us. I know its a common excuse, but you attacked me in town and I started to lag and i died. I died no problem, there are no excuse just fact. But the funny part was that while I was lagging downstream like hell and we fought, you were extremely talkative. Like saying 'Hello' and 'I guess we cant kill each other in town' a.s.o. and on my screen it looked like you were writing long essays on my screen. I tried everything to keep on living when like every 5 seconds a packet came through, and you just kept commenting and fighting and said 'I guess youre the quiet type'.

Now, 1-2 month after, I think it was hilarious, but it took me quite awhile to get over it, just ask Zargar. Not the dieing part, but on my screen it looked like you calmly fought while spamming my screen with essays of your UO life.

Actually i think i'm not over it yet, cause I just told Zargar of it and he started laughing again. I hope I dont see you at a bank, then I have to give you all my money.


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