SUN News

It's a great week First of all the US servers got patched up which should mean we're getting the Honor patch on Friday. I predict a lot of SUNs
It's been an interesting day. After tons of discussions we finally moved to the new server Twisting Nether. It currently doesn't seem very active BG
Where is my game? Sun is a old guild, with members who have played mmorpgs from the beginning of the genre. We are gamers by heart, and competetive
All active wow members are asked to join in in our poll for Loot distribution. Its a principial vote and as such not extremely detailed. Its a 2
Running a guild 101 In a month or so we will all meet once more for beers and stories from the online world. It will undoubtedly be a blast, and we
With the words of Ravencrests biggest whiner, Padt of the Axemen, I hereby initiate this news post. Ironically, this post has been waiting so long
The PVP has begun The last week and a half was definitely hyped up. Most SUN members had expected the game to start now, the pvp would begin and we'd
Since it isnt April 1st we need to clear the Front page news, so the only thing worth writing about currently would be a fairy tale to honor the 200
SUN has progressed nicely in Wow. With almost 35 lvl60 chars we have been able to do pretty much anything. Lately we have been trying to kill epic
A lot have happened since the Euro release of WOW almost one month ago, and a few changes needs to be set in motion. First of all we must say that
Things are steadily moving forward. Many of our members are in their fourties and are already trying to reduce server queues for everyone. Wrain has
Update: The Official server is Ravencrest Also the Official IRC channel will be #RAVENCREST on QuakeNET. See you there! Once channel is set all
State of the Union The street date has been announced, and finally its time for us to start. The last 5 months havent been that much fun since we
Since we are nearing release of our next game, noone is really playing any of our older games and now we are either playing some beta to get our
SUN will be playing horde on one of the english pvp servers. It was a really close vote but Horde turned out victorious. Now that the side has been
Sun is currently beta testing World of Warcraft on the european servers. We have been blessed with a good amount of accounts, and since many of us