And so it begins

State of the Union

The street date has been announced, and finally its time for us to start. The last 5 months havent been that much fun since we have been split due to blizzards seperation policy.

On feb 11th the SUN will shine and we will invade a European server for the first time in many years. There are many interesting aspects of this, and we are really looking forward to see the European gaming scene.

Guild structure changes

In order to gear up to the task some changes will be made. For now we will go back as a one game guild, removing our system for multigames in SUN.

This is done mostly because the intentions were good but it never really worked. In the future things might change especially in transition phases to new games but for now the best solution is to focus on one thing.

We are removing the SUN inner council as well as the gameleader council system. This means we will have one group of leaders who will assist the guild in the current guild game. We believe that it is a necessity to have active guild leaders in whatever game we play, and we are mature enough to know when we should take a break for any reason, since the door never will be closed to come back.

This doesn't mean that more than half of the council will be stopping, but merely that they will continue to be SUN's, but due to time or other practical reasons they will keep it to playing the game as regular SUN members.

Schlachter + dwn will join our little group of leaders while all our old gameleaders as well as many from the old "inner council" will take a break. Zargar, Cassandra, Azalar, Cicero and Elvis and maybe more...

We will have 1-3 openings in the council which will be filled a few weeks after release by the classic nominating and voting system :) We hope that everyone understands the reasons for this change, and appreciates that we pursue a leadership with emphasis on activeness instead of "past deeds".

Member requirements and cleanup

As you might have seen we have a new website now. On top of that we want to clean up our memberlist so it reflects our current active members while the inactives might be put in a sort of "sleep state" - but can become full members again the second they become active. This isnt final, so more on that at a later time.

SUN, guild or community?

This a rather big topic since in most ways we are both. But one thing we want to emphasize is that if you are a SUN member you will be expected to play with the guild if its possible.

This means that people who plays on US servers cannot play with SUN on euro for practical reasons so thats ok. But members playing on euro servers for another guild or another server will be removed from SUN. What happens when character transfer, or when the US ppl can make chars on euro servers is still to be discussed.

For me the above is stating the obvious, and i know that many agrees while a few think its wrong.

In essense we are basically a guild thats so old that we can not help being a community :), and I think I speak for all when I say that we want to continue both. It's a fine line, and in some ways we will never achieve the highest goals in a game since we will not force members to play certain classes, and we will not enforce powerlevelling, twinking or anything in this regard.

But remember that even if those things are not enforced, then they are encouraged. Remember that the best items in many regards are bind on equip items because you can give them to other members. Help each other, because in doing that you are also helping yourself.

It is in everyones interest to get our members up in levels and in good gear at all times because most of the endgame requires us to be many for the equipment raids.

As for pvp we will see, but it is pvp thats our goal - dont forget that :).

Character overview. Remember to go to desayas char listing and write your plans (sticky post on the wow forum). Myrd is also working on an xml extract program, that will automatically fetch ingame char stats for all members.

This was a lot of stuff, and nothing is set in stone. Remember that we need people who know their shit and are not afraid to take initiative . The guild leaders are in most regards administrators of the guild as such, and not necessarily raid leaders on a given raid.

Whoever is the right for the job, will do it and we will never look at guild rank in raids or anything game related unless of course it ends in politics or internal problems. We need to get in shape for our next run. This time around the game's name is World of warcraft. We will be ready, and hopefully we will be owning a lot - but most important, lets have some fun :).



World of Warcraft