Bone and the Magic Crystal

Since it isnt April 1st we need to clear the Front page news, so the only thing worth writing about currently would be a fairy tale to honor the 200 years celebration of H.C Andersen.

--Story Begin--

Bone and the Magic Crystal

Once upon a time... a random cookie came up to the Boner and gave him a magic Arcane Crystal, and the Boner didn't give it back.

Cookie got mad and called upon the whole world, telling Bone and all his friends that they would go to hell when they died and that they would never ever get a group with others again, unless they would hand Bones head on a stick to make cookie jolly again.

However Bone's friends, while not all agreeing with this crystal thing - would never ever dream of doing something that harsh - because this clearly was something between cookie and Bone.

--End of Story--

In other words,

Sun has almost 100 members, and basically we have 2 requirements.

  • You must be a good player
  • You must have a pvp mentality.

Regarding the Wow pve environment we have 2 rules.

  • We dont ninja loot in groups, and in general do our best even if its a pickup group.
  • We dont fuck with members from allied guilds.

Bone is a good player. He certainly has a pvp mentality. Bone was not in a group. Tear is not a allied guild.

So what he does is up to him, everyone is more than welcome to think he is a asshole. Us who know him well knows he really is an asshole, but as anyone who has a asshole knows then you dont really wanna miss having one, even if its full of shit.

For those who feels that a single members actions should be a pillar of judging the whole guild then go ahead - along with a nice little "fuck you" from the rest of us.

If the situation was reversed and it was a Tear guy who scammed a SUN guy I can promise you that the SUN guy first of all probably wouldn't say it to anyone because he would know that he would be humiliated in /gu for being scammed, and noone would call on god and make a big case to the tear's guildleaders regarding this, because you dont go parading with the fact that you have a random cookie in your guild.

As for SUN and groupage

Nothing has changed for us in this regard, and everyone still abides the 4 above mentioned rules. And honestly I dont beleive for a second it will have any kind of big impact on us.

I can tell you that many in SUN thinks its a shitty thing to do, but we are a guild with a lot of personal freedom as long as they dont break the few rules we do have. Bone didn't break any, and for us its not really a guild matter, but a matter between Bone and the cookie.

Putting it on the frontpage of course makes a bit of a guildmatter, but we needed to clear the april 1st joke and it seemed many had misunderstood a few things about SUN, maybe even within our own ranks which is why all of this is written.

Thanks for your time (and for Jessica Alba).



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