Day 1

Update: The Official server is Ravencrest

Also the Official IRC channel will be #RAVENCREST on QuakeNET. See you there!

Once channel is set all Guilds with a homepage and at least 10+ users can request @ in the channel.


There is now less than 24 hours till SUN will own a PvP server. As posted earlier on boards, we are no longer playing on the last uk pvp server but we are instead picking a French roleplaying server not. We have decided for a different server than the last UK pvp and we will post the servername as soon as possible. I will edit this post, it will be on our boards and it will be posted on our irc channel: #sun @ If you wish to know how to pick the server before that, send a private to Schlachter on our boards Or you might want the info like this guy:

From: Bopy
To: Schlachter
Posted Wed Feb 09, 2005 8:27pm

Subject: Server Name Quote message

Hello There !I'm wondering if it's possible to get the server name already ?Not because I want to play on your server, but because I don't want to play on it.

Thx in advance.



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