To DKP or not to DKP

All active wow members are asked to join in in our poll for Loot distribution.

Its a principial vote and as such not extremely detailed.

Its a 2 choice vote where we choose between a random system or a point system.

A random system is what we have used normally, where we decide on the spot who gets what - and if more can use they simply roll on the item.

You cannot roll on a epic item if you have a epic in that slot allready while others dont.
A point system is basically a way to track attendance of the raid participants, in order to guarantie active raid members to get items once in a while instead of having none after a unlucky streak with the rolls.

Everytime a epic item drops you get some points, and by using these points you can buy a epic drop. If more than one is interested they roll for the item (no bidding).
There more to the story of course, but thats basically what its about.

There are Pro's and Con's to both solutions, but basically we want a system that we all can live with.

I know some are arguing that Sun should never ever have loot discussions because thats not what we are about. But we must also realise that before we get a ffa server, this will basically be a pve game and as such Loot is what its all about.

So let your voice be heard on our poll, it is important for all of us.

World of Warcraft