Enough is enough

SUN has progressed nicely in Wow. With almost 35 lvl60 chars we have been able to do pretty much anything.

Lately we have been trying to kill epic encounters, and it takes a while to figure out how to manage the different Bosses. It's been very positive to experience the members doing these raids, and especially that fact that noone is whining on the runs. It can be a bother to spend 4 hours trying to kill a mob 40 ppl and fail, and then you have spend your evening on getting no loot and only decayed equip.

But like Lord Kazzak eventually we succeed, and will have a easier time next time we do it. Dwn has shown himself to be a very qualified raid leader, and he will hopefully continue to lead us into glory :).

However not all has been good, fine and dandy

From the whole beginning of wow we have been arguing which side to play, and all those alliances has a tendency of getting in the way. We have had issues where alliances shamelessly have attacked our members while xp'ing, and also had some trying to prevent us from raiding or other guild related issues.

There are also many players with bad attitudes on our own side, with names that surely doesn't come from a fantasy setting. Wow is in many ways a game of socialising and chatting, and to be honest - when you try to be a smoothtalker to the girls, being a cow just doesnt fit the bill.

Except for a few of our members (Firstborn and Midgaard comes to mind) we really find our females to be pretty ugly, and flirting with a undead is just gross.

Moving to rp server - alliance side

So all in all it's more and more obvious that the Horde side on a pvp server clearly was a wrong choice. And then there is the whole bright and shiny world on the other side with humans, gnomes, dwarfs and most of all: Paladins. Imagine to run through a newbie town laughing while you are invulnerable, dressed up as the finest shiny tincan one can imagine. It's like being the Tincan from the Wizard of Oz, just way better looking and with even shinier armor.

And the thought of being a gnome, a thing so little and yet so uber, is this just a dream or can it come true? Indeed it can fellow friends and members, because one week from now we will change server to a rp server on the alliance side.

No more condescending names, no more griefing opponents, a world of beautiful people awaits - paradise if you will. In the coming week SUN will as a show of our former life kill onyxia, and then leave this competetive, playerkilling, multi-griefing uber guild life and venture into a life of peace and prosperity.

You can have our stuff

This also means that we have a lot of stuff and money we dont need anymore, and every person on Ravencrest can get a lot of money and items from SUN. All you need is to see a SUN member while flying the zeppelin. /wave to the person and /chicken while jumping over the side of the ship and we will send you a lot of money.

Its been a grand time, but I beleive that our future as a true roleplaying guild will be even better. Ohh btw, from now on I will be known as Lord Frank - The Gnome Paladin.

/Frank Sinatra SUN

World of Warcraft