For the Horde!

SUN will be playing horde on one of the english pvp servers. It was a really close vote but Horde turned out victorious. Now that the side has been chosen, it's time to select a server. Since we want maximum competition we are currently trying to gather all PvP guilds onto one server. You can read more about this on our boards.

Our activity has been decreasing lately in the European beta as some do not want to burn out before the release while others have decided to play the American version for now. If you're playing on the American server and want to say hi, step by the horde on the Archimonde server. We are going to disband the guild once the EU servers are released though.

As a result of our decreasing activity in the EU Beta we have temporarely closed down recruiting. If you want to join SUN then you'll simply have to stick around until WoW is released.



World of Warcraft