New server, new blood

It's been an interesting day. After tons of discussions we finally moved to the new server Twisting Nether. It currently doesn't seem very active BG wise, but as neither horde or alliance are there only one or two more pvp guilds on each side will tip the queues in a very positive or negative favour.

Besides not being very actives in BGs it would seem the people on Twisting Nether are trying to be even more carebareish than the people we left behind on Ravencrest (god knows how that's possible). They are further in BWL than any RC guilds, but while that doesn't really matter They suggested a freaking cease-fire in the middle of BRM so people could enter MC/BWL freely and not have their precious PVE raids interrupted by some pvp fights.

Needless to say, SUN chose not to honor this cease fire. Here's some quotes about first impressions:

  • you ruined the evening.. not only for the alliance but also for horde
  • This night was the worst night in my carreer it even owns 750 queue while doing last boss in some high instance
  • sun.. stfu.. u so fucking "i'm a 11 year old fucktard" guild
  • Just stay away from SUN

You can also read a longer log of chat from #twistingnether on Quakenet. Unfortunately, both the irc channel and the unofficial forums are run by people of the carebear guilds so they couldn't really take any heat. So all good whining came to and end by the non-nazi-nazis:

* [C]ampa was kicked from #twistingnether by [LS]Kloness (Admin aint a nazi =/ 74)

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