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Running a guild 101

In a month or so we will all meet once more for beers and stories from the online world. It will undoubtedly be a blast, and we encourage all Suners to make room in their schedile for this rl meeting.

The future of online gaming seems to be with big emphasis on cooperative playstyles, and do some degree forced grouping. We have had many years together, and hopefully will have many years together in the future.

The Sun gatherings is a perfect opportunity for the newer members to get "into the gang", and for the old members to meet their friends. We allways have fun at our gatherings, and its a good way to stay in touch - and even more important if you dont play wow that much right now.

Ive been in Sun since 1997, and for all those years ive been either a council member or the guildmaster depending on what system we have been having. In that time ive seen a lot of members coming and going, ive seen and discussed a million ways to run a guild and on what to do in different situations.

One of the interesting things in running a guild is that the wast majority actually beleives that they know excactly what to do in any given situation, except of course that this given thing will allways be from the players exact point of view.

A guild council has several responsabilities. first of all it must make sure that the guild will have success in the game were playing, and secondly they must look at the future - while remembering the past (man - thats deep).

Ive heard a lot of critique in my time, but i also know that there isnt many successfull guilds who are going on their 9th year. The number of years weve been around is a success in itself - of course there have been mistakes but in general we have been doing the right thing.

One of the most discussed topics has allways been recruiting. We dont want to recruit too many, and recruiting to few also leads to issues. Sometimes members want strict rules and leadership while also wanting personal freedom, Sometimes they want to go solo killing the opponents while other times they sit back and expect the council to conjure up a raid for him.

What people want is extremely situational, which makes it hard to do the right thing.

One thing we have learned this time around is that while Wow has many good things it isnt really a good game, especially when it comes to the endgame options.

However there are no alternatives, and as individuals we are trying to find our own niche in the game to squeese out what fun we can have.Im to old to hope for better times, and miracle patches even though this game with its huge playerbase should have the funds for it - but the game is made for the masses and it will be some times for them to get where we are - so i dont see a solution anytime soon.

So we will continue and find whatever fun we can :)

In all future games we will see more and more needs for cooperation, and i beleive that we eventually will have to enforce helping each other in the mindset that helping one member helps us all.

Its a tricky subject because its also closely related to recruiting etc, because if you have to help somebody you need to know that this person doesnt quit or reroll anytime soon - and these things tend to undermine the whole idea of helping each other .But i firmly beleive that working together will be more important as time goes by.

The last and maybe most important lesson id like to talk about is that sometimes people get unhappy where the root couse isnt really guild related but related to the given game.

There is allways hard decissions to make in a guild when playing a new game in order to adapt and accept how the game is supposed to be played.In wow we have had to recruit more than we use to and also class specific recruiting - things we are not used to, but there game requires us to it. I hope many of our new members are here for the long run , but only time will tell.


The large majority of heated discussions we have in Sun is actually related to the game - and various game mechanics that frustrate us. A classic example is the Healer/tank/dam dealer eternal conflict.

For those unavares there is the old thig called Rock, Paper Scissors. This is fundamental to mmorgs and strategic games.

The place the issues come is typically when the equation fails.

in many parts of the game this works well, especially in the high end pve, and instances in general.

However when it comes to farming and pvp the equation is wack because the Dam dealers dont really need the tanks or the priests. However the tanks and priests have a hard time without the dam dealers in those situations.

This creates the feeling that the dam dealers are leeching on the P/T's when they need it, and then when the time is for farming or pvp they wanna be alone since that is more effective, while the priests and tanks now gets the problems.

Basically a flawed game mechanic that leads to a lot of frustration - but it really isnt any of the players fault.

For pretty much any discussion you can disect it and find the root cause of the problem, however many of those problem cannot be solved - just like the issue above.

Oh well it was a long post and mostly because we needed something new on the frontpage, but at least now you know some of the things you need to consider when running a guild.

Most of the stuff can be solved and avoided by joining our Sun gatherings, and i hope to see as many as possible in August.

Certain members has asked me to open recruitment for very young boys, who promise to come to our Sun gatherings - but i guess we better take that to our closed boards.

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