One month of WoW

A lot have happened since the Euro release of WOW almost one month ago, and a few changes needs to be set in motion.

First of all we must say that the startup on Ravencrest has been a success. SUN is an ancient guild by mmorpg standards, and through the last 8 years a number of members have joined and also some who eventually left or simply went afk.

Oldies back

A massive amount of "old" members have come back to join SUN in Wow, and that gives a really great "feeling" in the guild. However not everything is fantastic because SUN have never wanted to be a big zerg guild, but always had focus on having a guild where everyone knows each other and are willing to help out once in a while.

Nearly 100

But like it or not we are very close to being 100 active members. Its a huge and frightening number, which has made us think abit on who we are and where we want to go.

In terms of level'ing some have played a lot and others play their normal pace of a few hours a day. Its not really hard to level in Wow and eventually we will all be 60. Of course there is a unspoken race going on the euro servers to be number 1 to this and that - and we aim at being in the top list of achievements in this regard.

I think that we will have about 20 lvl60 members in the next 10 days, and that is pretty nice. We have 2 now, and quite a few will get there this weekend. Being close to 100 members makes it impossible to make everyone happy, and after long talks we have decided to make a few changes.

This is based on what SUN is and should be, and what we feel is needed at this point. We are not necessarily against having many members but we do have a few core rules we want to uphold.

  • SUN is a pvp based guild, for experienced players.
  • SUN is also a close community of friends, having social gatherings and in general inspires a guild feeling.
  • Whenever any SUN or non-SUN adds a SUN member to their group they will know that this is a top notch player who wont make rookie mistakes and in general will know what is going on. A SUN member is a good addition to any group.

Having success also have a few downsides

Primarily this is about our recruiting of members. Until now it have worked ok, but we must also admit that we are in danger og getting too big too fast which is why we are forced once more to close recruiting, even though we only had it up for 4 days or so. We get too many applications in and out of game, and it simply just wont work.

Recruitment stop, again

We know that many people wont like this but lets set up some examples. Those who dont like this, have that oppinion because they have 1 or 2 special cool friends they want in SUN. But we are 95 members, and almost everyone has some of those friends they want in. With our current system we could have 46 recruits, basically half of our member base since it "only" takes lvl 50 and 2 sponsors.

We just got a small batch of recruits added, and they will stay of course. But we will now again close recruitment until further notice. Any member unhappy with this can take it up with the council ingame, or join the thread about it in the wow section. With that said we would like to welcome our new recruits, and we hope you will be as good as your sponsors vouch you are so you will become full members in the future.

Alt chars

We do not want to have Alts guilded. It is our beleif that every member should first and foremost get their main char to 60 before rolling alts. If anyone decides they want to switch class and have a new main char, the join with the new main and remove the old one. This serves several purposes, but mainly to give everyone a clear view of our member situation that we are following close.

Eventually we will probably allow alts in SUN as long as the main char is lvl 60. Again we are aware that some will think its stupid, but on the other hand it makes it easier in many ways. It is very important that if you use another name than your regular nickname, that you get your nick added as a public note ingame - so everyone can see who you are.


In every game some members end up leaving the game without saying it to anyone. And basically we need a rule for when we beleive a member has been too much idle and should be removed to make room for potential new members. The rule wont be set in stone, but on the other hand we beleive its more than reasonable. Any member should at least log in once a month, and if they are gonna be offline for more than one month they need to write it on our wow forum so we know.

Again this can be unpopular to some, but one month is more than fair and should not in any way be a problem for anyone. Its simply to catch those who have stopped so we can remove them.We have a really good thing going, and we want to make sure it stays that way. I know that im usually having a lot of jokes in my news posts, but I also dont really love writing posts that i know that some members wont like.However we feel its necessary in order to let SUN continue to be the guild we all love.

Let's continue on the great road we are now, and lets focus on some pve fun in terms of boss mob kill race, until the pvp system and battlegrounds comes.



World of Warcraft