With the words of Ravencrests biggest whiner, Padt of the Axemen, I hereby initiate this news post. Ironically, this post has been waiting so long that the BGs are coming out today, and I guess the carebears will finally get the "pvp" they wanted. I hereby welcome you to the Diablo II pvp of MMORPGs. Now it might be quite funny, but this is definitely not where SUN is excelling as we're more into the griefing, ganking and roaming business. In any case, Let's get it on!

Now, even though we all know Axemen sucks, I want to give them and BoJ some credit. BoJ have been putting up some good fights for a while, so thumbs up to that, and Axemen gets some credit for their event at Hillsbrads monday evening, but wtf was up with that line?

Please go to your instance!

Ok Padt, we will. And we did. Actually we even did it in a SUN only raid for the first time yesterday. With some newcomers it didn't go as well as expected, but still acceptable. Congratulations to all the loot whores and as for kill shots of dead mobs? Go make them yourself as they are quite boring. We're past Garr and collected a good amount of Geddon experience. We also had some fun with Onyxia but some basics went wrong totally fucking up the entire run. We'll get her down next time.

Listen up freaks!

(yet an other fanboi). SUN has taken several new recruits lately, coming from various guilds. Some of the stories of these guilds are hilarious, and I wish I could share them with you but that won't be the case unfortunately. The recruitment is in order to ensure we'll stay at a competing pvp level by being well equipped and basically doing our own pve raids. We're still interested in a few more people, so if you're up for the challenge check out our public board.

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