So what the fuss

The PVP has begun

The last week and a half was definitely hyped up. Most SUN members had expected the game to start now, the pvp would begin and we'd get tons of good group fights. The truth is, the amount of fights is appaling. We have generally been keeping to roaming around in 5 man groups, but most of the time we don't encounter more than 2-3 people at once making it a complete walkover.

If you're interested in group pvp, I suggest taking a closer look at this thread.

No loot for them!

Lets not exaggerate though. We've had some great fights. Lose some, win more. Thanks to all the alliance who put up a good fight. The greatest moment for the entire guild has to be our fights around Blackrock Mountain. Several guilds (and people) had their UBRS and MC runs severely delayed by the SUN army. I think the craziest fights have been with BoJ/Inquisitor over the weekend, where we must have fought them for hours before they killed us or managed to zone into MC.

But more loot for us

We will go back to Molten Core pretty soon considering the loot over time seems to have improved a lot. MC is also rumoured to be easier than before, but not so easy that we can do it completely without hunters. We also had some quite nice fights versus groups with hunters where they were a pain in the ass. Therefore, if you're a cool dewd and you're playing a hunter, check out our public board for more info. Just remember that we are a PK guild that eventually does pve, not the other way around.

Rogues ftw!

For some reason, it seems everyone believe rogues and mages are occupying the 20 highest slots in the ranking system. However, Ruskatupp proved everyone wrong by taking the #1 SUN ranking at standing 8, as a warrior. Good job.

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