So what's cooking?

Since we are nearing release of our next game, noone is really playing any of our older games and now we are either playing some beta to get our plans set out for release - or simply playing something else.

As allways with these small breaks from gaming its fun to see how the so called real world is living their lives :)

The problem is that for most gamers there is no way back because when you are so used to interactive entertainment, then its really really hard to get used to the classic passive entertainment (watching tv).

European servers

For the first time ever Sun is going to play on European Servers. Many members have been sceptical about this because they beleive that our normal "elite gang" og pvp guilds is the only way to go.

We hope that there really is a good playerbase in europe, and that those sceptic members will be mistaken :). its also interesting because our gaming mindset is so much like our normal friends/enemies that it really will be interesting to see how it goes on a Euro server.

Schlachter tried to organise to get some pvp guilds to our server, and it seems it has worked. many of those are playing on server8 today, but the big majority of Sun either plays something else or plays their normal beta chars on the original pvp server.

But its safe to say that we are all eagerly looking forward to release , and allthough all launches has issues and all games has things we need to adapt to (like 5 char groups) then i am certain that its gonna be a blast.

With a bit of luck the pvp battlegrounds will be in shortly after euro release and with even more luck a pvp reward system will also come soon.

Khael, our webmaster is showing hes leet skills in modern It business which includes a constant delay of our new site :). Among the things that will be looked at is a Major cleanup of our member lists. Right now its basically i look back in time because every former member from the last 8 years is there - but it would be nice if our member list reflected our current members :).

SUN - the next generation

Some members has been really busy while waiting for wow, so it seems we have a Baby boom going. As any serious gamer knows its really important to get a kid close to release so you will have payd vacation (maternity leave) for the first 2-4 weeks after release :))

Its obvious that Firstborn was optimistic and counted on a january release :) but congratulations anyway on the little buff bot. :)

Thats all for now, but expect some more important news when blizzard hopefully soon will "release a release date".

The biggest laughs these days are of course the carebears who whine about getting ganked, and its obviously a sign of new mmorpg players coming in.

And to them and also those we are coordinating servers with i think there is one thing to say:We do not come in peace, and we are certainly not your friends.


World of Warcraft