A SUN Manifesto

Where is my game?

Sun is a old guild, with members who have played mmorpgs from the beginning of the genre.

We are gamers by heart, and competetive by nature.One of the saddest things that has crawled its way into Mmorpgs in general, is the concept of every single player is a winner.

The idea is fine, but the concept misunderstood. Developers wants to create a sanctuary for the everyday person, in a environment where they can be heroes and save the world. This is what sells, it breathtaking it appeals the masses and most importantly, it generates revenue.

But it is not a game. Calling it a game is the biggest disgrace towards towards the concept of games as games have been throughout history.

Going a bit back in time our first real games were the gladiators in greek and rome, we have the olympic games, we have jepoardy, we have cardgames, even Trivial pursuit is more of a game than Wow and other mmorpgs is.

Why is that? It is because in order for it to be a game, there has to be winners and there has to be loosers. Imagine one of the above mentioned games in a environment where everybody won.

18550 Gold medals at the olympic games, play poker and everybody wins, play trivial pursuit where you get both the question and correct answer before you need to answer ?Imagine playing poker without being able to bet anything..

"What do you have - i have a pair of aces, yes well i have only two queens - haha , lets deal again."Any of these games would fall down with a large chrash, and the only reason Mmoprgs are not doing this yet, is that it is still a very young market. New players are storming in at a huge rate, while the more experienced players feverishly are looking for a "game" where it is actually a real game.

The most essential ingredient in computer games up to the mmorpg era has been the fact that there must be winners and loosers, otherwise there would be no fun in winning. And with no fun in winning nobody would have interest in getting better becasue they win anyways.

We fully understand that games need to appeal to the masses, we know where the money comes from. BUT, if you are a Mmorpg gamer and have played for several years, you stop wondering at the little flowers , the beautifull scenery, the cool graphics, shaders and the ever increasing amount of polygons - you simply begin your own pilgrimage in the search of where the F... is the game ?

Games vary, and i totally understand the importance of creating a care free environment for the masses but it doesnt take a lot of effort to do something for the experienced players - which in its nature is a exponential ever increasing size.

Lets us get the Game back in MMORPGs

Its not hard and it would make a world of difference.

Since Wow is the game we are playing now, ill put in a few examples that could make things better.

  • Make tournament arenas, with a ladder system for 1-1, 5-5, and 40-40 fights. No Npcs, but with tactical terrain - and with spectator options, both for live streaming on the internet and ingame spectators.
  • Bonus, Make it cross server. Its not impossible. Just make a Oracle Export with the needed paramaters, only need to transfer the char and what it wears - and dont copy any other things like bank, known areas, quests etc. its a small transfer.

Alone implementing the above would make a WORLD of difference.

  • Make Battlegrounds cross server. Qeues are a killer as everyone knows, and being able to fight across servers and across kontinents would be fantastic. Ladders for battlegrounds would be a big plus.
  • Make a FFA server. No fighting in capitals, but open fighting anywhere else.. Porting between capitals is needed.

Bonusses for FFa server.

  • Remove all bind rules from items.
  • drop one random item at death. (98% chance random from backpack, 2% random equipped item).
  • item decay on pvp death.
  • make items with 0% condition 10 times more expensive to repair.
  • Increase money loot in creeps.
  • Maybe xp increase from mobs, and 10% lvl xp loss on every death.

Any of the above mentioned things would cater to those who are looking for the game in mmorpg.

Any environment where everybody wins and nobody looses is doomed to fail. The only important part is that anyone who looses can see why they lost and what they need to do to change it.

Winning without the risk of failure isnt worth anything.As for future games i hope that someone who understands that the masses who play today sooner or later understands the problem with mmorpgs as they are today, and will begin to create a Massively multiplayer online roleplaying GAME.

World of Warcraft