SUN reaches the core

It's a great week

First of all the US servers got patched up which should mean we're getting the Honor patch on Friday. I predict a lot of SUNs trolling through all areas of the world in the coming weeks, and especially in the upcoming weekend. Looking forward to a lot of great fights, and just a friendly warning to you all sunglasses are available at your local dealer, you'll need them.

Second, and more related to the headline, the SUN finally breached though to the Core. In other words, along with ADLN and Udgaard we took down Lucifron earlier this evening. He was so kind to drop a pair of priest boots. We then moved on to Magmadar for some first hand experience until we gather more tranquility shots.

It was our second trip. Our first one last Saturday was pretty much a learning experience and we concluded that Alliance are overpowered and what not, at least they have some minor advantages in MC but there are ways to work around them.

Thirdly. Since last time, a few recruits got voted in as full members. Some of it is rather old news, but here goes anyways. Send your congratulations to

  • Campa
  • DenOndeBonde
  • Harleking
  • Moon

and then whoever I missed...

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