SUN testing

Sun is currently beta testing World of Warcraft on the european servers.

We have been blessed with a good amount of accounts, and since many of us didnt play the US beta we are learning the game and having fun.

The game seems really solid so far, and they really have some nice key features. Of course for a guild like Sun we are eagerly awaiting statements on pvp rewards and anything pvp related, an all out pvp server wouldnt hurt either :)

Allthough everything about the game looks really promising, Blizzard appear to have made the stupidiest move in Mmorpg history by announcing that servers will be forced.

I cannot to the death of me, beleive that they really mean what they are saying, and i think the reason is partly that they are afraid that most europeans will simply play on a US server if there isnt a worldwide simultaneus release (and probably rightfully so).

Words cannot really explain how stupid their statements are about primetime Gm services and better latencey. If anyone takes that as a argument for anything besides i cant tell you the truth but let me try and give you some fake reasons that sounds silly then they should go play the Sims.

We do love the game, and we cannot wait to play it for real, but this doesnt change the fact that it overshadows most of our enjoyment in the game currently since we are one of those guilds that mixes europeans and Americans. And its clear that this mix is simply untollerable in a modern world, at least according to Blizzard.

If they Really cared for support then they would have 24 hour service, with 8 hours a day from Usa, 8 Hours in Europe and 8 hours in Korea. That makes 24 hour support, no high payments for working non standard hours, and no reason to come up with silly escuses while trying to force americans and europeans from each other.

That is what we do in the IT world when we wanna give customers the best solution, and if they really cared for it as much as they say, then they should do that. The game is still great, and the massive lack of respect the billing department deserves is still outweighted by the Developers who are creating a Kickass game here.



World of Warcraft