WoW by Bonebreaker

Bonebreaker and the Arcane Crystals

Just another day in irc...

evoke big bone causing drama on the euro servers
Bonebreaker sup evoke
Daze[SUN] be happy that bone didnt charge money before he transmutet ;)
Bonebreaker i did
Bonebreaker but he didnt respond
Bonebreaker so i said
Daze[SUN] ah cool, i know i could rely on u bone..
Bonebreaker since im a nice guy ill do for free
Bonebreaker HEH
dwn You did it for free actally
dwn Maybe the service was just a bit off
Bonebreaker honestly if a person isnt in ur fucking guild and u dont know them and u have to hand them the items....
rakkah omg
rakkah Talk about nice attitude
Bonebreaker goddamn right
FARr In wow people live in wonderland
Bonebreaker im richer now
dwn Best grind ever
rakkah So rep too guild get hurted et
dwn You must be on crack
[V]iper Just to make it clear: I have the biggest dick.
dwn Actually I think we just restored our rep
dwn Instead of breaking it
Bonebreaker im just keeping it REAL u fucking carebear
Bonebreaker now bout u hand me some more shit to transmute
dwn Now go back and level dude
Bonebreaker man i have to leave
evoke bone did you make another warrior?
evoke lol
Bonebreaker i just came on
Bonebreaker to puyt the crystal on ah
Bonebreaker i was seriously on my way to bed when i stole it
Bonebreaker i didnt even stay to catch tells i just logged
dwn I got mad shit when you logged on
Bonebreaker so i gotta catchem all now before i leave
Bonebreaker me too man i didnt even fully load everything in org
dwn Had like 5 people spamming me with crap
Bonebreaker and got 5 tells
Tear|Sak Bonebreaker when a squirrel outnumbers you in braincapacity, start getting an education
Bonebreaker wipe ur fucking pussy newb
Bonebreaker and go farm me some more crystals
Tear|Sak lot of words
Tear|Sak too bad you didnt know how to make a sentence with them
zUissi hi Bonebreaker
zUissi want some arcane crystals?
zUissi "Whenever any SUN or non-SUN adds a SUN member to their group they will know that this is a top notch player who wont make rookie mistakes and in general will know what is going on. A SUN member is a good addition to any group."
OndeBonde[SUN] [18:16] Bonebreaker how bout u hand me some more shit to transmute LOL
dwn Yeah not shit onde.
OndeBonde[SUN] allmost made me fall out my chair
Hyean OndeBonde din dumme dansker :D
OndeBonde[SUN] haha
OndeBonde[SUN] why do people assume every1 is nice
OndeBonde[SUN] shit, they wouldent have lasted 5mins in old mmorpg's
dwn Maybe its because the SUN is nice...
dwn Just look at the whine here from 40g worth
Bonebreaker yes
PE[Demon] any officer or somthing online ?
PE[Demon] Bonebreaker why did u tell me you could trasmute the crystal for me
PE[Demon] and then steel it ?
[SD]Morfar Oh, the drama.... *going out to get the popcorn*
sko i dont even know what this is about, and ive no intentions of getting in the middle of it either dwn
dwn Sup PE[Demon]
dwn Got some crystals for transmuting?
Bonebreaker demon wana buy a crystal? 40g nigga
PE[Demon] i have screanshots guys
dwn I have screenshots too
HiV url!
Bonebreaker and i have a ss of u handing me crystals
[SD]Morfar I have screenshots to ...
sko willop[SUN], hehe thats pretty stupid
Bonebreaker so i can laugh later today
evoke send me the screenshots
evoke i need a good laugh
[SD]Morfar But promise you wont tell my mom
OndeBonde[SUN] i got ss of bonebreaker
OndeBonde[SUN] !!!
PE[Demon] i asked in general trade if somone was able to trasmute arcane crtsyal to acrane bar for me
PE[Demon] Bonebreaker responded
PE[Demon] and i have screanshots of this
Bonebreaker i will send u my nice ss's evoke :)
PE[Demon] he said since im such a ncie guy ill do it for you
PE[Demon] so i traded him the thorium bar and the crystal
PE[Demon] and he took off
dwn Lets see the SS already
PE[Demon] when i asked him today
OndeBonde[SUN] sounds like BB
PE[Demon] he told me i had given them to him and its not his problem
PE[Demon] then he offerd me to by the crystal back for 40g
dwn Good price
dwn You should buy it
PE[Demon] when i told him he was making a bad rep for his guild he said : go farm me another one lol
OndeBonde[SUN] dont like the rest, come and get scammed bye bonebreaker he is the best!
Bonebreaker this aint
Bonebreaker EVERQUEST
dwn If you buy that crystal, I can transmute it for you demon
[PE]Serial stop trying to be funny sunnnies
zUissi i thought sun was one of the respectable guilds on ravencrest but this proves i was quite wrong
PE[Demon] Bonebreaker you are the one making ur self and ur guild look bad
PE[Demon] i loost a usless crystal
PE[Demon] 40g doesent tuch me in the back
PE[Demon] but you ruening rep for ur guild and ur self
PE[Demon] this cant be baught
PE[Demon] cant be fixed
Bonebreaker U GOT JACKED
dwn What rep?
dwn I missed something, what rep are you talking about?
yupster lol SUN in being selfish thieves non-shocker
Bonebreaker thats right
dwn Maybe you should read up on SUN :)
[V]iper Oh no! SUN is gonna get a bad rep.
[V]iper =(
PE[Demon] i dont care about the crystal or you anymore
PE[Demon] this is about SUN now thats all it is for me
Hyean PE[Demon] i dont care about the crystal or you anymore
Hyean PE[Demon] this is about SUN now thats all it is for me
PE[Demon] dwn i didnt give him the crtystal
PE[Demon] i ASKED
Hyean OH NOES!
PE[Demon] in trade channel
PE[Demon] if somone could trasnmute
[SD]Morfar WAR !!!
evoke u got JACKED fool
PE[Demon] and do trasmute u must TRADE 2 items 1 thorium bar and 1 arcane crystal
PE[Demon] so cant do it in WONT be traded
PE[Demon] this is a issue that blizz knows about and they will fix it in future patches
dwn So you traded him the crystals?
dwn Which would be same as giving it?
Hyean please refrain from posting all in caps...
carn[SUN] omg
MoNo|zzz impressive evoke.. get lost
carn[SUN] stop whining
PE[Demon] after he said he would trasmute the crystal and the thorium bar for me i traded them to him
Hyean working as intended
dwn Wait a min
OndeBonde[SUN] evoke is more welcome than u mono :/
PE[Demon] nno hes a crafter he preform a service for payment like everyone els
Vitaeus Wait a minute here!
Tear|Sak dwn you fukin idiot you should know better than this
Vitaeus There 2 things we know for sure!
Vitaeus 1) Bonebreaker scammed you out of an arcane crystal
Vitaeus 2) No-one gives a FUCK
HiV he didnt steal he got the item in a fair trade
dwn Well that isnt true
dwn I give a fuck
Hyean 3) the pope died
anduz who got scammed?
dwn anduz: PE[Demon]
anduz ban him
anduz eod
[V]iper Personally I think Trixter single-handed fuckes up the whole horde faction.
[V]iper And you know it, buddy!
Trixter HELL YA!
Trixter I R giving horde a baaad baaad name
sko seen phat lewt
^SUN^ sko, I don't remember seeing phat.
Bonebreaker well
dwn ah
Bonebreaker whats this itchy stuff around my balls?
Bonebreaker is
Tear|Clay sun vs. rest
Travis[SUN] whoa.. spam
Bonebreaker sup big trav
Travis[SUN] no way im gonna scroll up and read this shit
Bonebreaker niggers got jacked
Bonebreaker and are crying
Travis[SUN] What are you guys babbling about?
OndeBonde[SUN] HEHE travis
Trixter Trav: I'll break it down for you quick: PPL dont like SUN :(
zUissi Travis[SUN]: that one of your members scammed arcane crystal and is even bragging with it :p
OndeBonde[SUN] short
Travis[SUN] oh, the old song
Bonebreaker anyone wana buy a arcane crystal?
yupster Trixter - well do you really blame ppl if you allow people in your guild to steal ?
yupster Bonebreaker - your pathetic :)
OndeBonde[SUN] yep its playing again travis
OndeBonde[SUN] =)
Trixter yupster: How was it stealing? Can you steal in this game? NO. Was he pickpocketed? No. He GAVE him the item and thats it.
Bonebreaker so what does that make you?
Vitaeus Seriously, no-one over 14 would take being scammed out of an item so seriously to argue for this long about it would they?
Bonebreaker haha
yupster Trixter - thats stealing
Trixter yupster: No it aint. Thats fooling stupid ppl
Yona Crap this is difficult to follow
FARr bonebreaker just owned the guy, thats all
Tear|Sak Trixter when you are not informed about the incident, you should stay out of the discussion
Daze[SUN] Actually iam pretty sure Bone let out his roleplaying side playing the bad bad thief again, we should honor that...
OndeBonde[SUN] hehe
Travis[SUN] whoops
Yona Too much text ;_;
Travis[SUN] well, guess who just woke up :p
Yona And I'd have to read 300 pages of history on this night too :D
OndeBonde[SUN] hhahaha daze
yupster Daze[SUN] - lol.
OndeBonde[SUN] hehe, yea im having a hard time keeping up with all the waaaaaaaaaa allso :D
Yona Keep on fighting -
Travis[SUN] So.. uhm.. why did Bonebreeaker get an arcane crystal to begin with?
OndeBonde[SUN] some1 handed it to him
Tear|Sak because he said he was gonna transmute
OndeBonde[SUN] ^^
Tear|Sak to arcanite bar
yupster Trixter - nah, i enjoy watching you guys making fools of urselves
Tear|Sak we have screenshots of it
OndeBonde[SUN] yea
yupster Travis[SUN] - he promised to transmute it
OndeBonde[SUN] omfg ss
OndeBonde[SUN] !!
Travis[SUN] and what level was Bonebreaker at that time?
Vitaeus yupster: Bonebreaker is up 1 arcane crystal, whos the fool? :-/
Tear|Clay lowbie
OndeBonde[SUN] haha dident he do it at lvl 26 allso
OndeBonde[SUN] or is he still 26?
OndeBonde[SUN] :/
Trixter roflmao
Travis[SUN] What level is the transmute?
Trixter U ppl are crazy
Bonebreaker i did it
Bonebreaker at 26
Bonebreaker to some other newb
OndeBonde[SUN] HEHE
FunkyB|away just need to be 35
Bonebreaker and i have the ss
Birger[SUN] popcorn ftw
OndeBonde[SUN] haha boneb
[V]iper I have a screenshot of me standing across Onyxia in Razor Hill.
[V]iper =(~
FunkyB|away grats!
Bonebreaker wow
Travis[SUN] So he was 9 levels to low, to even cast the transmute? heh
Bonebreaker who the fuck cares
Trixter U guys are worse than the koreans
Bonebreaker not today travis
yupster Vitaeus - well obviously the guy whos down 1 arcane crystal is also
Tear|Sak bonebreaker is 44
Travis[SUN] You did it again?
Bonebreaker yeap
OndeBonde[SUN] HEHE
Travis[SUN] .......
Birger[SUN] :)
OndeBonde[SUN] again = keyword
Bonebreaker does it break ur heart sir?
Tear|Sak you should level instead of stealing imo :(
Clay^^ hehe
Bonebreaker i was leveling, just fixing my bank up and seen ur newb buddy spamming
Bonebreaker it took a whole 2 mins for me to get it and log for the night it was 3am for me
Tear|Sak so you are a experienced thief
Tear|Sak nice..
Bonebreaker and ur a poor helpless newb
Bonebreaker give me ur money
Tear|Sak no sorry
Tear|Sak you too low
Trixter S-u-c-k-e-r-s I believe is the common definition.
Tear|Sak level lowbie
Bonebreaker yeh
Tear|Devildoll Bonebreaker, what is the fun? why do you play to steal from other players?
Tear|Sak stupid thief
Tear|Sak play wow
Campa[SUN] bone thx for the arcane crytal btw where did you get it from?
Trixter LOL@Campa
Clay^^ who cares about ingame cash anyways? Freaking idiots. There is a Bonebreaker in every guild, but most of the time he is a pally of some kind :P not a orc war
Travis[SUN] I love Bonebreaker, like the dog that wont stop pissing on the carpet
Clay^^ bah, SUN must be the biggest drama guild ever....
FARr like rofl mao said: this is some funny shit :)
rakkah Its not about the 40g, its about that people acctually do it for 40g. He only wants his materials so he can make his shit
Tear|Sak Bonebreaker if 40g is nothing for you then why do you risk your guilds reputation?
Bonebreaker no
Bonebreaker if u look on the ah
Bonebreaker im selling it
Bonebreaker i want the cash
Campa[SUN] imho
Bonebreaker ill get my own crystals later.
FARr He doesent risk it, he is boosting it =)
Tear|Sak Bonebreaker wanna duel in Molten Span?
Tear|Sak mc allowed
dwn Sure
Mynx[SUN] he will whack your ass faster than you can say "arcane crystal" dude
dwn I just decide where in the span :)
Bonebreaker lol
Bonebreaker what kinda stupid question is that
Mynx[SUN] just wondering if bones "eier aus stahl" are actually not made from "stahl"
but arcanite :O
Mynx[SUN] i mean .. he has enough of it now
Bonebreaker lol
dwn lol
Bonebreaker its gonna be from arcanite soon
Bonebreaker just need some more crystals
dwn Want some help transmuting it BB?
Meatballs christ, have you no sense of humour?
Bonebreaker sure
Bonebreaker and just give me ur shit
Tear|Sak Bonebreaker true, but i know you will allways be worse
OndeBonde[SUN] lol
Tear|Jacksen From now on Tear will have no dealings with SUN. This is THE most immature and pathetic Guild morality we have ever encountered. The discussion has nothing to do with 40g and if you're not mature enough to see that then all the more pathetic.
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Dmitry that brought a "Tear" to my eyes
Hyean now i know where the name comes from
Campa[SUN] lol
Hyean damn beat me to it
Campa[SUN] is all i am saying
OndeBonde[SUN] well, im glad i dident miss this shit :D
OndeBonde[SUN] made my day

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