How to join

Thoughts on recruitment

SUN recruitment have been discussed several times in the past, so lets make it clear once and for all. We will not succumb to mass recruitment. We will rather be a small tightknit guild where most people know eachother - this is our strength.

So in a new game with alot of recruits wanting in, we might instead make a subguild, for friends of SUN - a recruitment guild if you will.

If someone truely wants to join the guild - even if that person don't know anyone in SUN - and given that he/she is a good player, who is willing to spend some time and make some effort, that someone will join eventually.

How do you join?

Read all about us here on this webpage, so you know for sure that this is the guild for you. Check our public forum for posts on how to become recruit, or just make a post there to say hi and whats up. Maybe tell us about yourself and your gaming experience. You might also join our public discord channel and get to know people that hang out here - but don't expect to be recruited just by this small effort.

Get your ass ingame and find some SUNs to play with. Usually what you need to do, is try joining up with one or more SUNs several times. At some point you might get lucky, and some people think you are a cool gal/guy, and decide they want to sponsor you.

To become a recruit you need 2 actively playing SUN members to vouch for you as sponsors. A SUN member can only sponsor one recruit at a time.

When accepted as recruit you are on trial for 30 days. Your trial period starts when you are added to the website, completely listed with 2 sponsors.

Members vote

When the time is up, SUN members decide whether a recruit should become full member or not. By a poll on a new specific recruit board, only available to full SUN members, SUN members that have played with you will anonymously place their opinion about you on this poll. 10 votes are needed to make the poll valid (all active players within the game are urged to participate), and if more than 10% of the votes are negative, the recruit will be dismissed.

The sponsors to a dismissed recruit will not be able to sponsor new recruits for a period of 3 months.