Dark Age of Camelot

Realm versus Realm it is...

SUN started playing DAOC when the game was in early beta. The further the testing went, the more of us joined in, and everyone was excitingly waiting for the supposedly great RvR concept, since beta didn't have any pvp at all.

After the game went retail, some new people joined SUN in addition to the old UO and AC members who were hoping this game would be as fun PVP wise as the old ones. Looking back years after SUN had left DAOC, one can say, that it was one of those games that had a bigger impact on the guild. New and old faces fought together, ran wrong ways separated, and stopped for Salamanders in psychopathic turmoil for several months. Yes, it was very different in its gameplay experience, especially compared to UO. What counts is, that people had great fun and laughed tears while making fun of each other in the voice channels, month after month. Again forging bonds and sharing bratwurst at reallife gatherings.

Dead Game