World of Warcraft

It was good. It was lucky. It became the overlord

We started playing World of Warcraft in february 2005. We had alot of good times in WoW the 3 years we played it. Most memorable were probably the first two server Ravencrest and Twisting Nether, but also some good times on Dunemaul. The many battles at Tarren Mill during level time of twinks. Ambushing raiding guilds in their way to Blackrock Spire. Hugging the wall in Molten Core. Obliterating enemies with Dwarfen Handcannons. Diving for rare recipes. Getting a haircut during Molten Core. Conjuring water all day long. Unburden n00bs from precious Arcane Crystals. Queing for Battlegrounds. Arena numbercrunching. And finally wishing ourselves into vanilla times, after the expansions slowly started to ruin the game.

The game is still there and still one of the strongest in its genre. And yes, one or two SUNs are still playing it, even if they publicly wont admit it. They could be seen as living testaments of an industry changing behemoth, that opened more doors than those it closed.

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