Ultima Online

The mother of MMORPGs

SUN started the day Catskills server came up, most of us played on Atlantic server before that time - some played alot and some only a bit o.O :)

The early members of SUN were something like: Nightblade and Archmage SUN (the founders), Travis, Simkin DarkOne, Cloud SUN, Storm SUN, Phazer, Devin, Faldrin, Zargar, Chub Toad, Cicero and myself - Frank Sinatra.

It was the birthplace of what SUN became. Quite a few, who had been enemies in Ultima Online, became members and friends in the years to come. But many first met in Ultima Online. No matter if it was killing each other, stealing form each other or talking trash to each other. It was first contact.

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