Past to present - a brief summary

From Ultima Online to Warhammer Online

It all started in UO back in 1997. Those that played often tell of glory moments from the grandfather of mmorpg's. It was a grand time, no doubt. In 1999 after having roamed many UO servers... Catskills, Drachenfelds, Siege Perilous, Lake Superior, core members felt the urge to try out a new game just releasing that year, AC. On Darktide we played forward to 2001, both as SUN but also as a subgroup of the dominant guild, Blood, and some members were part of JoV for a brief period of time. Mid 2001 it was time for a new game yet again. DAoC provided another opportunity for SUN to rise and show some mad skills. First on Merlin, later on Mordred & Andred, the two fullscale pvp servers. Hereafter came other games, even if they never caught on quite the same. But surely many members will look back on the various golden moments from both SB and SWG with a smug smile on their face. World of Warcraft or WoW came and changed the genre in 2005, of course SUN was there.

In 2008 we had a few months of fun in both AoC and WAR. And boy, those games could have been a long lasting royal blast of fun. Remember how cool it was to swing a heavy two handed sword in Age of Conan? If they just had not only finished and polished the game on its first island. And Warhammer Online? What a level of detail. We had heard about developers who tried to at least save the rendered gameworld, just for its creative beauty, before the server went offline. Maybe this game would still live, if they hadn't thinned their player base into too many needless leveling zones, everyone only saw once on his way to max level. Besides having a better idea of endgame content.


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From Darkfall to present...

Then there was Darkfall. SUN claimed its stake. Which was pretty big, the legends state. Full loot, twitched based combat. People running around sniping other people from hundreds of feet away in ballistic perfection. Men cheering from defended walls, looking at fleeing enemies. Charging down their prey, bloodthirsty. Finally founding subguilds to create enemies, to still have someone to fight. What glorious days, many will remember. And quite a few members joined our ranks in the time of Darkfall. And already showed up on reallife gatherings, proving that they really are cool peeps who joined to stay in the club. Nice!

Next title to mention is ArcheAge. The game of the thunderstruck log. The game of many brilliant ideas. The game that left many already established ideas of the genre infront of its doors. The game that is ruled by the gods of the random number generator. ArcheAge tried to be a virtual playfield for SUN. It kept its claws in our flesh as long as it could, but failed, like so many before.

2017/2018, a time to remember. First of all it will be an anniversary for our fine and exclusive club of hardcore gamers, ex-hardcore gamers and wannabe-hardcore-gamers. SUN for life is lasting for 20 years by now. Many may became old, but not tired of online carnage. Many drinks and laughter - no matter if on the sunny beach of barcelona, the dark woods of germany, right next to the great architecture of the city of rome, or back home in Copenhagen - have been shared over the years. Second, it is the year of Albion Online. A Thronewar MMO, that already unburied fellow members that had been feared to be dead by now, as years have passed since they last were seen. Lets see, what the next 20 years will come up with...


Some random Albion Online Footage: