Age of Conan

Down with the head!

We started playing Age of Conan the day it was released 17th of may 2008. We planned to somehow make an impact pvp wise, possibly going after a battlekeep. Somehow all that didnt really come to place. But why? The game was and still is a beauty. The combat almost twitched based. Ok, no full loot for real. But the most polished first twenty levels we have seen in a MMORPG! So down with its head for having potential which especially in pvp was unfolded years later, when the game became free to play. Too late for the SUN.

We had a city. Ehm, nice... but not that useful after all. We tried some sieges, which didn't really work as well. Ah yeah, almost forgot to mention. The best part about AoC was the knockback abilities. No matter if it was the mount's kick out, that knocked people from bridges. Or highlevels, that didn't yet knew that it is a stupid idea to fight with an abyss in its back.

In no other game it felt so good to swing a two handed sword and throw it after fleeing enemies. Non the less. Another rushed product that had a few drawbacks in its design but great potential. Down with its head!

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